Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR Q)

If you are between the ages of 15 and 69, the PAR-Q will tell you if you should check with your doctor before you significantly change your physical activity patterns. If you are over 69 years of age and are not used to being very active, check with your doctor. Please read each question carefully and answer honestly by selecting YES or NO where applicable.

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PERSONAL TRAINING:I understand that my physical fitness program is individually tailored to meet the goals and objectives agreed upon by my personal trainer and me.

Group Training Classes: I understand that the physical fitness program is designed to accommodate multiple individuals with varying goals and fitness levels.

I understand that my exercise program will involve participation in several types of fitness activities. These activities will vary depending upon the objectives that my personal trainer and I establish, but will probably include:
1. aerobic activities including, but not limited to, the use of treadmills, stationary bicycles, step machines, rowing machines, and bike/run trail;
2. muscular endurance and strength building exercises including, but not limited to, the use of free weights, weight machines, calisthenics, and exercise apparatus;
3. other activities selected by my personal trainer and agreed upon by me; and selected physical fitness and body composition tests.

I understand that no exercise program is without inherent risks regardless of the care taken by a personal trainer and that my personal safety cannot be guaranteed by my personal trainer. I realise that when participating in any exercises, particularly those that induce cardiovascular stress, there is a slight chance of serious injury (e.g., heart attack, stroke, or other cardiovascular accidents) or catastrophic incident (e.g., death, paralysis). Likewise, I know that engaging in muscular endurance, strength building, and other fitness activities sometimes results in minor injuries (e.g., bruises, musculoskeletal strains and sprains), less frequent, more serious injuries (e.g., muscle tears, herniated disks, torn rotator cuffs), and rarely, catastrophic injury (e.g., death, paralysis).

I understand that a regular exercise program has been shown to have definite benefits to general health and well-being. I know that some of the benefits can include loss of weight, reduction of body fat, improvement of blood lipids, lowering of blood pressure, improvement of cardiovascular function, reduction in the risk of heart disease, improved strength and muscular endurance, improved posture, and improved flexibility.

I understand that it is my responsibility to:
• fully disclose any health issues or medications that are relevant to participation in a strenuous exercise program;
• cease exercise and report promptly any unusual feelings (e.g., chest discomfort, nausea, difficulty breathing, apparent injury) during the exercise program; and
• clear my participation with my Doctor/Specialist.

In agreeing to this exercise program:
• I acknowledge that my participation is completely voluntary.
• I understand the potential physical risks involved in the exercise program and believe that the potential benefits outweigh those risks.
• I give consent to certain physical touching that may be necessary to ensure proper technique and body alignment.
• I understand that the achievement of health or fitness goals cannot be guaranteed.
• I have had a voice in planning and approving the activities selected for my exercise program.
• I have been able to ask questions regarding any concerns I might have, and have had those questions answered to my satisfaction.
• I am in good physical condition, have no impairment which might prevent my participation in such activities, and have been advised to consult with a physician prior to beginning this program.
• I have been advised to cease activity immediately if I experience unusual discomfort and feel the need to stop.

Mark Evans-Martin Intelligent Personal Training

I have read and understand the above agreement; I have been able to ask questions regarding any concerns I might have; I have had those questions answered to my satisfaction; and I am freely signing this agreement.



These terms and conditions apply to your purchase of all personal trainer (Personal Trainer) sessions and/or consultations (Personal Training).

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions form part of your agreement with Intelligent Personal Training. Your agreement with Mark Evans-Martin is made up of this completed and signed Personal Training agreement form which includes the terms and conditions of the personal training contract and evidence of paid Personal Training Sessions. This document will form a legal agreement between us, so please make sure that you read it carefully. If you have any questions, please call me on 07527 736736

Purchasing Sessions and Bookings

Personal Training Session purchases are made on Invoice with a minimum of 2 weeks sessions paid in advance per person. Session bookings will be made with your Personal Trainer, Mark Evans-Martin who will contact you. When you purchase your sessions, you will be contacted to arrange and agree dates and times of the individual personal training sessions for a minimum of two weeks in advance. The first session will be an initial consultation combined with a gym session that will comprise of various tests to give your personal trainer Mark Evans-Martin the opportunity to evaluate and establish the fitness aims you want to achieve and to agree a strategy to achieve these goals.


All payments must be made in full prior to any sessions being undertaken. If you purchase sessions in person, you will receive a copy of this agreement, along with a receipt for any payment of sessions you make. If you purchase by invoice, you will be sent a copy of this agreement and receipt for any payment of session purchases you make. There is a 2-month minimum commitment to all Personal Training pack purchase options to retain any discounts applied.

Session Cancellations

If your Personal Trainer fails to give you 24 hours’ prior notice of any cancellation, you will be entitled to 1 extra hour of Personal Training, in addition to the session you missed. Your personal Trainer Mark Evans-Martin will require a minimum of 24 hours’ prior notice of any cancellation of any Personal Training sessions. This can be made directly on 07527 736736. If you do not provide a minimum of 24 hours’ prior notice, you may lose that session and no refund will be made to you. Any rearranged cancelled sessions will be at a time mutually agreed between you and your personal trainer.

Cancellation of Ongoing Training

If you have completed 3 full months of Personal Training and you choose to finish your sessions going forward, you must notify your personal trainer and we recommend that you do so in writing by email or letter. Lateness If your Personal Trainer is more than 10 minutes late for your session you will be entitled to a complimentary session, along with any remaining time you still have for that session. If you are late for your session, your session will be reduced in accordance with that time. If you are more than 25 minutes late, your Personal Trainer may choose to cancel the session and you may lose that session, in which case no refund will be made.

Expiry and Extensions

All Personal Training packs purchase options have a 90-day expiry, after which time any unused sessions will be lost and no refund will be made. This is to ensure your personal trainer Mark Evans-Martin delivers all your required sessions to enable you to achieve your goals. You may extend Personal Training packs for between one month and 12 full calendar months for the following reasons only:

· Pregnancy

· Serious illness

· Serious injury

· Redundancy

To extend your Personal Training packs you must contact your personal trainer Mark Evans-Martin; who may ask you to provide proof of pregnancy, serious illness, serious injury or redundancy. Any other extensions are entirely at the discretion of your personal Trainer.

Your Personal Trainer

If for any reason you are unhappy with your Personal Trainer Mark Evans-Martin, in the first instance you must contact him personally to attempt to resolve any issue. If a solution cannot be found to resolving the matter, any sessions used with your Personal Trainer remain used.

Your Personal Trainer cannot prescribe treatment or diagnose medical conditions. They may at any time ask you to consult with your GP should any medical condition arise.


If for any medical reason you are no longer able to complete any Personal Training sessions, you will be given a refund on any outstanding sessions. We may ask for you to provide proof from your GP. Any other refunds are at the discretion of your personal trainer Mark Evans-Martin.

I have read and understood these Terms and Conditions laid out by ‘Intelligent Personal Training’ and my Personal Trainer Mark Evans-Martin